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Lisa I 20 I INFP I dutch I socially awkward
I breathe Destiel. This is a den of iniquity. You should not be here
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Anonymous said
You are the kindest person. I love you. You are loved.

aww thank you omg *hides face cause tears*

based on your blog I would assume that you are the kind of person who really likes to dress up once in a while and put on nice makeup and pretty dresses and stuff (I might be completely wrong)

aww I love dresses and if I ever get the change I want to try on one of those huge dresses, those princessy ones? Do you know what I mean? Those huge superlarge dresses with the long trail and the bow on the back and the pretty colors like white and cream and omg dresses

I've always assumed from your blog that you are a genuinely nice person :)

aww thank you! *hugs tight*


i love you too sweetie *kisses your nose*

Anonymous said
based on ur blog I'd say you're a really sweet person you just seem so nice i want to give you 1000 forehead kisses and buy u everything you want
awww forehead kisses no one ever gave me one before
mainly because I’m 1.86m and no one that actually wants to give me one can reach my forehead but hey who cares about details
Anonymous said
I assume you'd be so enigmatic and fun to talk to. Like I'd want to be sat at your table at a wedding.

You’d probably already want to change seats after 10 minutes cause I literally talk too much

Anonymous said
I assume you'd take it badly if someone didn't like you - not because you want everyone to love you, but you hate the idea that you might have hurt or offended someone.

That’s true actually.

Fun story time that has nothing to do with this: there was this guy at school once that was always really aggressive and liked to hit random people. So one day I went to school and he pretended to hit me so I put my arm in front of me and accidentally hit him on the nose, giving him a nosebleed. He got so angry after seeing the blood that he kept kicking and hitting me for 5 minutes straight and left me shaking in the classroom. When I got home I broke down and cried and when my mom asked me what was wrong I told her I was scared that I had hurt the guy. He kicked and hit //me// and I was crying cause I was scared that I had hurt him.
I am literally the weirdest person ever, I swear to god.

Anonymous said
i'm pretty sure that i assume that you have affected at least 10 other people's life in a way to the point where they wouldn't have been the same if they didn't know you

I’m not so sure about that, but it’d be really awesome if it was true tho

i also assume you're the mother figure of all spn blogs

I am literally an overprotective mom, I’m not even kidding. I’ll adjust your collar, share my food when you forgot to bring it again, tie your shoelaces, help you with homework, clean up and give you my coat when you get cold.
I’m basically just an old grandma