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Lisa I 20 I INFP I dutch I socially awkward
I breathe Destiel. This is a den of iniquity. You should not be here
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Anonymous said
i started following you because you were a recommended blog that shipped deancas/destiel <3 then i stayed following you because you're the sweetest blogger out there.

aww thanks sweetie *hugs*

Anonymous said
bc I have bad days all the time but your little friendly reminders and sweet answers to anon make me so happy and hopeful

Never question your importance and don’t ever give up on yourself, okay?
You matter, don’t forget that.

Anonymous said
your blog is so cute and you are so nice and honestly i dont know why someone wouldn't be following you (unless they hated spn or something, but they'd still love your blog itself)

Aww thank you!

Anonymous said
ur hella fab ok

Nah, you are sweetie *hugs*

Anonymous said
I kind of like all your posts and I think we have the same taste Does it make sense?

Yeah, it makes sense!

I realized that, most of the time, I just act like a really overprotective mom

so I hope you all wash yourself behind your ears and brush your teeth before going to bed

and also no sweets before dinner, cause I will find out

mark my words

*whispers* just wanted to drop by and say i love your blog and you are like the sweetest person to ever exist and i just really appreciate the fact that you are so kind and nice to everyone and whenever i see you on my dash it just makes me happy idkilyokaybyesorrythisisreallyweirdyou'rewonderfulomygodwhatamidoingi'mreallyyoungandidkwhati'mdoingokaydon'tmindmebyethanks

aww omg you’re adorable, thank you *hugs tight*