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Lisa I 20 I INFP I dutch I socially awkward
I breathe Destiel. This is a den of iniquity. You should not be here
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Anonymous said
Hey :) It's the anon from days ago. I'm sorry I just disappeared. I stay away from tumblr for a few days and I just remembered that I never even thank you. Thank you so much honestly. You really helped me a lot and I'm glad you are here. I love you very much and I hope this sound too creepy ♥

Don’t worry, there’s no need to thank me at all.

I hope you’re feeling better, you’re worth so much and you deserve to be happy.
Always remember that you can talk to me no matter that, okay?

Stay safe sweetie, I love you too *hugs tight*

I assume that you love Nutella

omg who doesn’t

Anonymous said
I assume this seat isn't taken? *perches next to you* So, do you come here often? *offers you a piece of Turkish Delight because someone gave the box to me and I hate them*

*emmanuel voice* I’m sorry, is that a flirtation?

Anonymous said
You are such a wonderful person, and it fucks me up cos your just fucking awesome

Omg no, I’m not even close to wonderful or awesome, sweetie.
Trust me haha

Osric you need to fucking stop that Chau

Anonymous said
You are the kindest person. I love you. You are loved.

aww thank you omg *hides face cause tears*