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Anonymous said
I feel like I'm a 3 and all my friends are hard 8-9's and I'm feeling so ugly because when I'm around then everyone ignores me and focuses on them. I just want to be pretty and have attention.

hii dear anon <3 lisa is still away on vacation but i will tell you what i think.

try not rate people like this! 3? 8? 9? what scale is that even based on? beauty is subjective! and if this is based on your own scale then you should consider yourself a 10. everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way and you shouldn’t feel like you are inferior to anyone else, especially based on whether on not you are “pretty” or not.

if everyone is ignoring you and leaving you out, don’t blame it on yourself. they are your friends and they should be there for you no matter what and shouldn’t be leaving you out. you are not at fault here!

i know it’s hard when you want to feel included and no one seems to pay attention to you but it’s important for you to be confident in your own skin, love who you are, be yourself and eventually you will find that people will love you for you and not how “pretty” you are. if you’re not feeling confident about being more open about your own personality at this stage, try and surround yourself with people you feel more comfortable around and try and put yourself out there a little more here and there. it may take time but trust me you are better off being around people who appreciate you rather than ignore you. don’t give up on yourself. and don’t underestimate yourself. x

The sea here is amazingly blue and the weather is great! I miss you all lots, but I’ll be back soon!!