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Lisa I 20 I INFP I dutch
I breathe Destiel. This is a den of iniquity. You should not be here
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guys I need your help!


I need new tattoo images that I can use for my tattoo!au instagram

so if you can recommend an image containing a tattoo that reminds you of a certain Supernatural character (also who and why), please send or submit it to me!

None of the images I use contain triggers such as smoking, drinking, cutting, knives, food, blood and/or drugs. This is to keep the Instagram safe for anyone to see without them getting triggered.

Thank you!

Anonymous said
omg you're really cute

aww omg *hides face*

Anonymous said
Oh my god you're gorgeous

omg sos mayday *furiously tried to hide blush*

Anonymous said
Hi Lis. I miss you, cute little perfect thing! I saw your post and I love it that you actually care about me enough to reach out and ask! You are just the greatest person I know. I'm ridiculously sick with the flu and I absolutely hate it. Today has been so rough, I'm just happy to be in bed with some Teen Wolf (my new addiction by the way!) How are you today my precious little ginger cupcake? -cupcake anon

aww no, get well soon sweetie!!!!

Yay, Teen Wolf!!!!! What season are you watching right now? What do you think of it? (God bless all the shirtless Tyler Hoechlin)

I’m okay, I went to the hairdressers and saw the Maze Runner with a friend (it’s an amazing movie btw)

I really hope you’ll feel better soon sweetie, and I wish I could give you hugs and soup and cover you in warm fuzzy blankets but I can’t so just imagine it or something, okay (sorryyyy :(( )

Anonymous said
Hey, woah I just saw you are dutch :) hoe gaat het?? we zouden een keer moeten kletsen (◠‿◠✿)

Omg opeens nederlands tussen al de engelse asks in.
Feel free to come talk to me, het is echt grappig om met nederlandse Supernatural (tenminste, ik neem aan dat je spn kijkt ofzo idk) fans te praten aangezien het niet zo erg bekend is hier haha

*whispers* i love you too

awww thank you *hugs tight*

You’re a cutie and I love you

Castiel - I'm No Angel (9 x 03)